12 Aug 2019
For the period from August 5 to August 11, 2019, UzRTSB JSC concluded deals worth 795.4 billion soums. The total amount of transactions involving small businesses and private entrepreneurship amounted to 391.5 billion soums.
At the same time, the volume of exchange trading increased from 618.0 to 681.5 billion soums, with growth compared to the previous week - by 10.3%. At the foreign exchange trading platform, the sale of goods increased many times to - $ 6.0 million. In the export structure, cotton fiber accounted for 52%, polyethylene of various grades 33%, pyrolysis gasoline amounted to 12%, and technical oils accounted for 3%.
The volume of exhibition and fair trade amounted to 29.6 billion soums last week. The amount of goods purchased by small businesses amounted to 5.7 billion soums, or 19.2% of the total amount of transactions.
For the period under review, deals worth 81.8 billion soums were concluded through a special information portal on public procurement - The total cost savings of budget and corporate customers exceeded 16.7 billion soums.
During the period under review, 716 car license plates were sold through an online auction. The total amount of state license plates sold amounted to about 2.5 billion soums. As a result of competitive bidding, 17.5% of transactions were accounted for by premium class autonomy 50.8% of transactions in category 2 and also 31.7% in category 3 of autonomies.

Source: : Пресс-служба АО УзРТСБ

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