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28 May 2019

May 15-16 of this year in Sankt Petersburg hosted the largest in Russia conference DotNext 2019, devoted to the development of software products on the .NET platform. More than 600 participants, including software developers, project managers, technical directors and testers attended the conference directly and online.

During the conference, the leading experts from Russia, Europe and the United States made presentations. The main topics of the DotNext conference were platform operation (CLR, GC, JIT), best practices in the use of tools, profiling and performance optimization, multi-threaded programming, platform innovations, and complex case solutions.

The Exchange employees were able to hold in special discussion areas a substantive discussion on the latest innovative achievements, and to share experience in the field of software development with the software developers of Google, Microsoft, JetBrains and other leading IT companies.

In particular, issues regarding the prospects of the .NET platform, performance optimization, and internal structure of the platforms, architecture and design patterns, non-trivial tasks and best practices were discussed.

In general, the conference participants emphasized its productivity in gaining new knowledge and developing programming skills. In turn, the learned skills will contribute to the development of innovative ideas and the practical implementation of new projects.

Source: : Пресс-служба АО УзРТСБ

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