A new electronic trading platform launched on the Uzbek Commodity Exchange | News

05 Jun 2015

Pursuant to the Presidential Decree from  May 15, 2015 "On measures to ensure reliable protection of private property, small business and private entrepreneurship, the removal of barriers to their rapid development" from June 1, 2015 "Uzbek Commodity Exchange" JSC launched a new electronic trading system - "electronic catalog of government procurement. "

All providers, which operate on the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan, if their products are included in the list approved by the Government Commission on Public Procurement may exhibit their products on this platform.

Electronic Catalogue formed on a special information portal of the exchange from offers of providers addressed to the customers. At the same time, customers are able to select the desired item from the electronic catalog, which will indicate the goods brand, manufacturer and picture of the products.
As of June 2, 2015 a new platform has already included 391 commodity items appearing in four product groups, such as spare parts for vehicles, measuring instruments, building materials, and components and spare parts for computer equipment.


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