Annual general meeting of shareholders of UZEX | News

18 May 2015

An annual general meeting of shareholders of UZEX took place on May 15.

During the event, the shareholders approved the company's annual report on financial and economic activity, the reports of the Supervisory Board and the audit commission for 2014. The meeting also elected new members of the Counting Board, Supervisory Board and Audit Committee and considered the amendments and additions in the Charter.

It was noted that transactions worth over 8.8 trillion soums were made in 2014, the execution of the business plan amounted to 108.2%, an increase from 2013 - 24.2%. Hereby products worth 7.05 trillion soums or 106.4% to the business plan had been realized on exchange trades, with a growth to 2013 by 17.9%.

A work carried out together with the regional branches was aimed at increasing the range of goods sold on the stock exchange. In this regard, the listing commission of the Uzbek Republican commodity exchange (UZEX) opened about 1000 new contracts.

Sales of other products compared to 2013 increased by 4.5% and amounted to 467 billion soums.

Exports through currency trading platform and exhibition trades amounted to 380.8 billion soums ($164.9 million), 16.1% higher than in 2013, including products sold through currency trading platform amounted to $113.5 million.

Exhibition and fair trade platform have rapidly developed, the volume of transactions exceeded 1 trillion soums, which is by 45.2% more than in 2013.

The total volume of transactions in government and corporate procurement amounted to 821 billion soums against 478.6 billion soums in 2013. The share of businesses in the sales of goods (works, services) on public procurement made 98.5%, at auctions of corporate procurement — 95.7%.

In general subjects of small businesses and private entrepreneurship were actively involved in all platforms of the exchange. Over the past five years (2010 -2014) the amount of purchase of raw materials, finished products and the manufactured goods on the exchange, as well as their realization increased by 2.6 times.

The share of deals concluded by entrepreneurs on exchange in the total turnover compared to 50.4% in 2013 reached 66.6%.

By the results of the meeting, the work of the Board of UZEX found as satisfactory.

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