Export sales on the stock exchange reached a weekly high | News

22 Apr 2015

Last week UZEX maintained positive dynamics of trade. In particular, the volume of transactions concluded on the stock exchange for 13 - 19 April amounted 193.8 billion soums, which is by 12.4% higher than the previous week. The growth of sales was observed on each trading platform of the commodity exchange, the press service of UZEX said.

Stock sales continue to grow for the fourth consecutive week. Last week, the sales value of commodities amounted to 161.5 billion soums against 142.9 billion soums in the previous week.

Newsmaker of the week became export trading, the volume on the stock market of which reached a maximum value for the current year to $4.4 million. Almost half of the market has taken a polyethylene, a seller of which was UDP "Shurtan gas-chemical complex". The combined share of liquefied natural gas and copper cathode made 49%. Outsider of the week was the urea - 3%.

During the period under review, the volume of fair trading has increased to 16.6 billion soums or 3.8%. The share of small business accounted for 89.4% of the total volume of sales, or 14.8 billion soums in aggregate terms. Hereby the number of active participants increased from 171 to 178 organizations. The largest deal of the week on the realization of the steel belts for strapping cotton bales worth 636.3 million soums concluded in Tashkent branch.

E-procurement last week entered into a growth phase. Thus, the volume of public procurement has increased from 7.2 billion to 8.7 billion soums. The amount of budgetary savings remained almost unchanged and amounted to 2.6 billion soums. The share of small business in the total volume of transactions also increased from 97% to 99.7%.

The largest deal of the week for public procurement in the amount of 166.2 million soums concluded for the supply of cartridges for printers in YUNUSABAD district of Tashkent city. The maximum number of online suppliers of appeals or counter 34 proposals were received for servicing requests for the supply of electrical goods in the city of Namangan.

By results of the week on corporate e-procurement has been committed 362 transactions totaling 7.1 billion soums, which is by 13% higher than last week. The financial savings of customers exceeded 1.2 billion soums or 15.3% of the starting value of the procurement. The share of subjects of small business in the total volume of corporate transactions amounted to 95%.

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